How to prepare for your appointment

If you do not access your services directly via eMed some of these FAQs may not be applicable.
Please contact our Support team or your provider directly if you have any questions.


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Before your digital appointment

Check you have: 

For a good quality video call via our website, the minimum bandwidth requirement is 300kbps per stream. You can check your bandwidth on

For the best experience: Chrome version 46.0 and above, Mozilla Firefox version 40.0 and above.

Please ensure you have notifications turned on, we'll let you know to check-in for your appointment 10 minutes before the scheduled time. 

The clinician will call you to start the appointment. Please allow a few minutes for them to call. If you have a bad video connection, they’ll try to phone you instead. 

Read more about how the appointment will start.


Where to take the call

Go somewhere quiet where you feel comfortable discussing your health. This could be at home or work, just as long as you won’t be disturbed. 

Try to avoid: 

The clinician might ask you to move if there's a lot of background noise so may want to keep headphones handy. They will end the call if they think it’s unsafe or inappropriate to continue, for example if you take the call while driving.


Before your face-to-face appointment

Before your face-to-face appointment, make sure that you are familiar with the clinic you are attending as we have more than one location.

You can double-check which clinic you have selected via the app by going to your notifications and tapping on ‘View clinic address and what to do when you get there’.

We also have a list of our clinic locations available on our website.


What to talk about 

Make a note of the main points you want to discuss and any relevant details, for example:

Don’t worry about taking notes, your clinician will write up a summary that you can view after the appointment.